“I gained a whole new perspective on the ways I was looking at starting my business”

Case Studies

I have included these to give you some examples of the kind of transitions clients make. Personal details have been edited to protect confidentiality.


Ann, finding the right business model

Ann felt she was overdue for Self Employment but she lacked confidence in her abilities and had limited resources to invest. She was doing a low paid but highly stressful 9-5 which she had fallen into after living abroad.

Although she knew the kind of business she wanted, she could not see how this would work in practice.

Working together not only built Ann’s confidence to the point where she quit her day job to work on the business full time but, through researching similar businesses in different sectors, she discovered the subscription model which enables her to bring more of her passions to the business, work flexibly and have freedom in her lifestyle.


Helen, a fresh start

Helen had been freelancing for some time but her heart wasn’t in it. She knew she wanted to share her passion and write a book but family responsibilities and doubts held her back.

Once she began to see the opportunity present in her current circumstances, she was surprised by how much her previous roles had prepared her for this business.

We mapped out how all her different ideas could complement each other and and make a good living. This meant some shifting of priorities. Our coaching sessions have kept her moving forward rather than believing the excuses she sometimes made to herself for not taking action.


Mary, refocusing on her Passions

When she came to see me, Mary was coming to the end of her savings. She had taken redundancy from a high powered career she no longer loved to set up a local shop which was a dream she had had for some time.

But the reality of running a shop wasn’t as she had anticipated and, by the time she closed it, she was close to burn-out. She was heavy with the sense of failure and hadn’t found the energy to try something new.

Defining her passions helped Mary explain her recent experiences and identify the business she would love to do, running a club and organising high end events. Immediately her energy and enthusiasm returned and she was full of ideas for her new business.


Mary, Bangkok

"Debbie gives me clarity, she has helped me organise and focus on my passions.  I find her sessions so empowering, I can't recommend her enough!" 

Steve, UK

"After coaching sessions with Debbie Reeds I felt really empowered. She provided mental post-it notes to take steps to improve and enhance what’s already there – me! Debbie is certainly the blue touch paper for your firework of creativity. She exudes motivation & Organisation and is a true Helping Hand. Debbie is a personal trainer for your mind." 

Debbie UK

“I found [your coaching] very insightful and helpful and thank you for being so warm and welcoming.  I very much appreciate your time and energy and I am putting your ideas into practice.”

Michele US


I was stuck, both in my personal and professional life, and didn't know how to move forward.  Debbie helped me reignite my passions, to focus on my strengths and organise problem solving solutions that have given me back my enthusiasm!  I whole heartedly recommend her coaching sessions for anyone who wants to better their lives

Serina, Malaysia

"So many great things have happened since we started coaching.  I have achieved all I set out to and more.  I am a different person, more confident and outgoing- I still can't get over it!"

Christina, Hanoi

"After just a couple of coaching sessions,  I have achieved more in the last week than in the previous 6 months.  You have given me the tools to get back on track, I am making progress in all areas of my life and generally feel better about myself."

Lawrence, UK

"Debbie has been key in my business and personal life.  I recommend her without reservation."

Vanessa, UK  

"Having Debbie as a life coach enabled me to clarify my thoughts about the sort of work I wanted and where my talents lay, and maintain the courage and enthusiasm to keep looking for the right opportunity."

Roberto, Tenerife

"A truly supportive hand when in the middle of a very crucial period. Your professionalism helped me so much."

Christian, Sweden

"I know that I'll be busy with a lot of other things ... but I'm truly grateful for my plan.  I am determined to stick to it and it feels much easier to do so now thanks to you Debbie."

Amelia, UK

“ I really appreciated that Deborah tailored all the help to me personally- I have always resisted 'coaching' as such in fear that it would be too generic and wouldn't fit my unconventionality- but I felt the complete opposite. Makes all the difference when you feel like someone has actually HEARD what you are saying- that’s invaluable and I greatly appreciate that.”

Faisal, Kwait


[After identifying my passions], "I felt an immediate sense of satisfaction. I was able to put my strength in professional skills in to very good use for my personal life.  Awareness of my life priorities enabled me to focus & plan my life activities around them. This was possible with the support of an insightful & resourceful person like Debbie. She has amazing listening & communication skills which makes the discussion more enjoyable.  I'm aware that this is just the start of a beautiful discovery; the progress so far has given me a higher momentum to do what I really love & be better at it. Overall, I believe that I became better in investing my time by value adding activities which makes me happier as well.  This is my second experience with coaching, the more I do it the more I believe that it is essential part of a positive life; at its various stages."

Quotes from Self Employment Clarity Coaching Sessions...

Enjoying our personal evolution & building our businesses

Enjoying our personal evolution & building our businesses

I gained a whole new perspective on the ways I was looking at starting my business .I am at the very start of my self-employed journey... I watched the presentation and couldn't believe my luck when a free coaching session was offered. The practical advice and support Deborah gave lifted and inspired me. She also helped me to appreciate that giving time and family funds to myself was not selfish but an investment. I think that it's easy to spend precious family resources on anything but ourselves. Deborah helped me to get out of this mindset for which I am very grateful. I wholeheartedly recommended her as a coach for her encouraging words and sensible, practical ideas that you just might not have considered.

I really don’t feel you could improve the session, it was so much more than I expected.

The session stretched my mind to think differently and saw a higher place for me to achieve and be.

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed meeting you and I am pumped up! You are so worth your weight in gold I would like to say a massive thank you to you Deborah for the amazing coaching last week and allowing me to gain the head space I so needed to start up my own business which seemed so difficult to do before speaking to you!! I really appreciate everything you have done for me, a true inspiration!!!

Thank you so much for the coaching session last week. It really helped me to get things into focus. I was bobbing about like a cork on the ocean and now I have a work day plan.... It was such a practical thing, simple idea but very powerful in its application.

Deborah Reeds - you are the best! You give me so many ideas... I really think my business is going to be so big with your help and spurring me on

Quotes from a recent client survey…

“Deborah has integrity and openness, She takes time, sees possibilities and is not afraid to make active suggestions... which is a good thing when compared to the passivity of certain types of therapy”

“Deborah is honest and helps people see the bigger picture and diffuse heightened emotions. She leads you to make your own decisions and is impartial to your thoughts and goals. Thus aiding you to make your own mind up. Which in turn helps you make future decisions. She is empathetic and installs calmness. However she will not molly coddle you.”

“Applied, flexible creative thinking from deep empathy with a desire to help others. My trump card & Secret weapon. Someone who can see and open-up paths ahead with clear, practical steps. Organised. Efficient. Pragmatic. Fun. Loving. Microscopically honest. Trustworthy. Trusted. Kind.”

more Client Views…

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