The Quest for Purpose

In July 2002 in a lush, tropical Balinese forest, I sat with a group of meditators in a large comfortable bamboo summer house.  Imagine crisp linens and colonial luxury meets nature, warmth and creative building.

We had been guided in meditation, by our wonderful teacher Ray Baskerville, for what seemed like hours.   (If I had been somewhere less hospitable I would probably have wandered off.)  Finally we were led into a meeting with our Divine.  We were encouraged to ask a question….

What led me into Self Employment

I hadn’t wanted to go Self Employed.

This wasn’t my dream.  I was enjoying working in a team, learning from other people, dealing with complicated projects and getting promotions and pay rises.  I was in a stable job that my Grandad approved of building a high-ish flying career.

In my early years, my mother was a Freelance Drafts woman…

Do You Believe in Transformation?

I believe in transformation.  I've seen the evidence in clients and myself moving from experiencing life as on the left to living from the place on the right.

Does this mean the sun constantly shines, we are always happy and nothing bad ever happens?  Well sorry, no!  Life still happens…

Are Labels Useful?

What labels do you identify with?  I'm thinking about labels to do with our stage of life, sexuality or location,  our roles, a diagnosis, interest or personality type.

Personally I’ve been identifying with perimenopause and menopause and professionally I’ve been exploring the differences between thinking of ourselves as Self Employed rather than as a business owner, entrepreneur or solopreneur.

We’ve all had the experience of discovering that there’s a label that applies to us…

Peace of Mind- Anytime, Anywhere

For most, meditation is a practice, sometimes linked to religious or spiritual teachings which allows them to quieten their thinking and experience more peace and contentment.  

The methods of quietening thinking are usually to focus on one thing, like your breathing, a flame, chanting or a mantra and, when you get distracted, to gently bring your mind back to the task in hand.

But what if meditation isn’t for me? Is it worth struggling to do a daily practice or is there another option?

How Time Management Looks to Me Now

The promise is seductive.  Master time and you can fit more good stuff in your life, more happy moments with friends and family.  Master time and you will be more productive in your work, your career or business will skyrocket as your colleagues look on in admiration and the money floods in.  Master time and show how focused, resourceful, disciplined and on top of life you are, no laziness, procrastination or wasteful vices here!

Recognise any of that?  And how is your time management going?  This is how my view of time management has changed and how it looks to me now...

Who is On Your Team?

This video is for anyone who considers themselves independent and/or has their own business.

Whether you see independence as empowering or something thrust upon you, you are missing something!

We all rely on others for our survival and to thrive in life and in business.  We are part of a web of teams with different roles and contributions…

Who is Your Coach?

Throughout time, we have sought out people who help us learn.  Not just teachers for academic studies but those who have mastered a particular craft/business who train their apprentices.  Family members who pass on their skills and understanding.  Religious leaders community leaders, elders and healers who explain how life works and provide counsel.

Even if you have not had a formal coaching relationship, you most probably know who you would go to….

This is Me!

I really enjoyed the photographer Caitlin’s relaxed style and encouragement.  Afterwards, I reflected on the new direction I have found in my coaching practice and the mid-life phase I've moved into and the ‘This is Me’ soundtrack ran through my head….

Never Cut a Tree Down in The Winter Time

Never cut a tree down in the winter time.
Never make a negative decision in the low time.
Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods.
Wait.  Be patient.
The storm will pass.
The Spring will come

This Steve Jobs quote was shared widely on Facebook recently.  Perhaps because Spring has finally made an appearance in the UK but also because we recognise this as truth.  We do not make our best decisions when we are in our worst moods....

What do You Really Need?

What do you absolutely need to be happy and healthy?  

Food, sleep and shelter might be the basics that spring to mind.  

But then some people get huge health benefits from fasting, our bodies generally adjust after a bad patch of sleep and different people's definition of home varies widely.

As we hear from others and experience our own happy times, we attach that feeling......

It’s Personal but don’t take it Personally

Whether you’re looking for people to engage with you to build your reputation and get promoted, to find a potential date, to sign up to your cause or to enroll clients or customers, getting the attention of those who are on the same wavelength involves showing you’re a real person.  You need to reveal your personal passions and quirks, tell your story, express how you feel and highlight what’s different about you.

Without this personal expression....

Are You An Overthinker?

The first time I heard the term Overthinker was when I went for an alternative health scan.  Although I could tell from the tone of the practitioner's voice it wasn't a complement, I was quietly proud.  Thinking things through, figuring out problems, asking pertinent questions, researching and connecting information to get the big picture, these are good attributes, aren't they?...

Are You Hanging Out With The Right People?

Should I ditch my struggling friends and hang out with the super happy and ultra successful so their success rubs off on me?

I have certainly heard this strategy recommended by different teachers over the years.

If you are hanging out with people who are struggling to make ends meet and whose conversation revolves around moaning and criticising, it can be exhausting. You can get swept up in this way of thinking and adopt it as your own. Not only does this allow....