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Facebook- Ads or Virals?

Everyone says Facebook ads are wonderful.  We can target our audience so specifically for a fraction of the cost of any other advertising.  There’s an abundance of information about how to do this for the best results.

But, with the maturity of Facebook advertising and big players now using this method, costs are rising.  Investing in the set-up to lead your prospective buyer from Facebook to learning about you and then eventually to buying requires significant time and money.  And the ongoing costs can take quite a chunk of your revenue.

What’s the alternative?

Does What It Says On The Tin!

“People keep working, in a freelance world, and more and more of today's world is freelance, because their work is good, and because they are easy to get along with, and because they deliver the work on time. And you don't even need all three. Two out of three is fine.” - Neil Gaiman

This quote highlights the importance of our working relationships.  Without the ability to deliver the work you have promised, on time, it will be difficult to build your reputation and people will not even get to see your brilliant work.

Finding someone you want to work with can be a challenge at the best of times….

Join the Creative Planning Away Day

We had quite a bit of debate in the Self Employed Life Facebook Group recently.  Some had spent time on business plans they had not referred to since and others questioned the validity of planning when so much is unknown. 

The distinction between planning and controlling I think is important here.  Planning helps us to sequence events, to build things step by step and to be prepared.  That might give us a sense that we are in control.  

Are You a Distruptor?

I don’t think any of us set out to play safe.  Perhaps something happens to scare us or we are taught that building security is the way to a good life? 

Sooner or later we build up just enough of what we think makes us happy and then life becomes about protecting that.  We get comfortable with what we know.

However, deep-down we know this conforming, toned-down version of ourselves is not who we really are...

Warning! Vision Boards Hijacked

When I first came across personal development goal setting seemed a bit dry, but creating a vision board was something I could really get into.  Putting pictures that related to the life I wanted to live on a large board, with a photo of me in the middle...

  • Enabled me to get clear on what I did and didn’t want
  • Was a fun activity that I felt good about about and had positive associations with
  • Gave me the general direction I wanted to move in without getting me too attached to individual details....

Can Checklists be Sexy?

Working through checklists and making plans... well its just not sexy is it!  I’m sure you can think of other things you’d prefer to be reading about!

And yet, if we’re serious about our Self Employment, we know there are things we need to think through.  The day-to-day demands of building a business are huge and we need to be able to step back and see the bigger picture so we can read trends, spot opportunities and steer away from difficulties….

Creating Space for Your Self Employment

One of the things that we sometimes don’t give much attention to in our Self Employment preparation is where we will work but that has a big impact on how we work and therefore the results we achieve.

Usually businesses are launched at home, at least initially, and even when you have an external workshop or office or are mobile, you are likely to want to spend at least some time working at home.

It is important to have a space where you can engage your creativity without distractions….

Getting Out There

Are you waiting in the wings? Ready with a great business idea but hesitant about stepping onto the stage and putting you and your idea in the spotlight?

I speak with quite a few would be Self Employed people who are in this position, they say they are afraid to ‘get out there’.  They are holding back on publishing their website, posting on social media or attending networking events.  They don’t want the attention, criticism or fame they associate with being centre stage.  

And yet they have a great idea that will help people and they are attracted to Self Employment. 

If you are in this position, here are some ideas for moving through these stuck feelings....

Why Go Self Employed?

Do you recognise any of these reasons?

  1. I hate my boss.

  2. My job is too stressful and my working hours are too long.

  3. I spend too much time commuting/ being away from home.

  4. I no longer have any job security.

  5. I hate everything about my employment!

Getting away from employment you dislike is often the impetus for considering Self Employment.…

There Is No Right Way

In the early days of our being, we were taught that there were questions and answers and that these answers were either correct or incorrect, right or wrong.  Further, if we arrived at the answer in the way the big person who had asked the question approved of, we had done it the right way.

Stars, smiles and approval became intertwined.  Stars morphed into money, smiles to belonging and approval to relationships.  All the physical and emotional rewards of life were there for us if we could just figure out ‘the right way’....


What led me into Self Employment

I hadn’t wanted to go Self Employed.

This wasn’t my dream.  I was enjoying working in a team, learning from other people, dealing with complicated projects and getting promotions and pay rises.  I was in a stable job that my Grandad approved of building a high-ish flying career.

In my early years, my mother was a Freelance Drafts woman…

How Time Management Looks to Me Now

The promise is seductive.  Master time and you can fit more good stuff in your life, more happy moments with friends and family.  Master time and you will be more productive in your work, your career or business will skyrocket as your colleagues look on in admiration and the money floods in.  Master time and show how focused, resourceful, disciplined and on top of life you are, no laziness, procrastination or wasteful vices here!

Recognise any of that?  And how is your time management going?  This is how my view of time management has changed and how it looks to me now...

Who is On Your Team?

This video is for anyone who considers themselves independent and/or has their own business.

Whether you see independence as empowering or something thrust upon you, you are missing something!

We all rely on others for our survival and to thrive in life and in business.  We are part of a web of teams with different roles and contributions…