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Planting Seeds and Bulbs

I love the analogy that in our work and our lives we are planting seeds. Whether its recommending a book to a friend, smiling at someone in the street or having a sales conversation, we are planting ‘idea seeds’.

Some may react straight away. The friend is inspired, the person smiles back & we gain a new client.

Others are more like bulbs, they take a while and eventually, perhaps when we have almost forgotten they were there, they spring up and bloom.

Super Coaching

I’ve been enjoying reading Michael Neill’s Super Coach book.  It’s been recapping, summarising and reinforcing all I’ve been learning about the inside out approach to life taught by Sydney Banks.

In the introduction, Michael describes the difference between coaching in the horizontal dimension - assisting a client to get from point A to point B and the vertical dimension, deepening their understanding of themselves and life so they have greater access to inspiration and inner wisdom.

Most people think of coaches working at the horizontal level, helping clients address a particular situation or achieve a change.  They know we help clients get clear on what they really want, facilitate planning and hold them accountable to taking agreed actions.

Do You Believe in Transformation?

I believe in transformation.  I've seen the evidence in clients and myself moving from experiencing life as on the left to living from the place on the right.

Does this mean the sun constantly shines, we are always happy and nothing bad ever happens?  Well sorry, no!  Life still happens…

Who is Your Coach?

Throughout time, we have sought out people who help us learn.  Not just teachers for academic studies but those who have mastered a particular craft/business who train their apprentices.  Family members who pass on their skills and understanding.  Religious leaders community leaders, elders and healers who explain how life works and provide counsel.

Even if you have not had a formal coaching relationship, you most probably know who you would go to….