A Worthy Purpose

A Worthy Purpose

This week my partner has volunteered in a food bank, as part of his preparation for acting in a piece that will highlight issues close to his heart.

I've coached an artist who is running workshops for children with special needs

And of course there are overworked doctors saving lives every day and aid-workers struggling to meet the basic needs of refugees.


So how can I justify feeling I'm living my life purpose by working on my online training from the comfort of my seaside home?

Generally I work with people who have the foundations of their lives in place and who can afford to pay for my services.  I don't save lives,  I don't campaign, I don't coach disadvantaged children, but I do make a difference.

Any time we tune into our personal passions, who we are being effects what we're doing and we have positive results.  Even if we're not in our ideal environment.  The more we can engage in our personal passions, the better, and this leads us to live our life purpose.

For example, if your passions include detailed analysis and you love nothing better than burying your head in a set of accounts, you might find the error in your local bird watcher group's figures and save the treasurer from sleepless nights.  You could help a national charity make the most of their funding or a relative restructure their debt. 

If you are able to engage in this passion and some of your others by being a private investigator.  This would make your biggest contribution and take you further towards your life purpose.  

It might seem that working for the charity or helping your relative would be more worthwhile.  In this case it's easier to see a direct link between your action and it's positive impact on society.  However if there is an opportunity to engage more of your passions this offers a bigger impact even though it might be indirect.

We know living our life purpose is....

Not about struggle

Not about proving ourselves 

Not about approval

Not just about expressing ourselves passionately 

Not finding people in desperate need and meeting that need

Not about making good use of our skills (although we have probably developed our skills in line with our passions)

Not always easy or feeling in the flow

Not always obvious!

We can trust that when we feel great about what we do, that's a sign we're engaging our passions and we are making a positive impact on our community.  We might not see the impact, it might not be immediate, but the ripples of our actions will be making their way out into the world and creating our legacy.

Is this true for you?  I'd love to hear your views, do leave me a comment below 

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