Toilet Roll and Wiggle Room

Toilet Roll and Wiggle Room

During my coach training, I was introduced to the practice of having adequate Reserves.  This is when you have more than enough of something and can relax in a feeling of abundance knowing you're not going to run out unexpectedly.  For some reason, the action that stuck from that training some 13 years ago has been to always make sure I stock enough toilet paper!

Of course the amount of the Reserve depends on the individual and is about balance - enough for you to feel this area of your life is sorted without it distracting from your present moment.  (So I need to be able to store my toilet roles unobtrusively for example!).  We traditionally think of 'saving for a rainy day' but the implications are actually further reaching.

You probably won't be surprised to learn that I can't remember a single client who has raised the subject of toilet paper in their session!  What has come up for myself, as well as my clients, is the amount of space we have in our lives, 'wiggle room' that enables us to promptly implement ideas we're inspired by.  

Many of us seem to have misunderstood living life to the full.  We max out our credit cards, fill our homes with purchases, fill our minds and our bellies and commit to more activities in a day than we could comfortably fit into a week.  Is this what it takes to convince ourselves we are living a good life?  

This lifestyle usually comes from a place of lack.  We are worried we might not have enough of what we need to survive or thrive.  Unfortunately, when we listen to these these thoughts of worry and lack, the 'solutions' fear drives us to tend to be less than helpful.

When we wake up and see the difference between the actual situation and our thought patterns that have built up around it, we are able to tap into our deeper resources, we find clarity and inspiration.

Actions born from this inspiration, might look similar to those driven by fear but they feel very different.  This sense of knowing, passion and love, gives us the impetus for immediate action.

In this case, the ideal scenario is to make the most of this energy by taking action promptly, getting going.  In order to do this you need your wiggle room - space in your diary, available funds, physical space.   Your reserves give you the flexibility to make changes at a moment's notice. 

But what if you haven't got those Reserves, are you destined to remain stuck?

Of course not!  There are 2 directions to move in....

1.  Start building reserves wherever you can - if the traditional areas of money and time don't seem possible for you, get creative.  Can you build up your useful contacts and develop relationships with people who support you.  Are there people you can borrow equipment from?  Can you de-clutter and organise what you do have to make it more abundant for you?

Building on the abundance of these areas, can you look differently at your money and time?  Can you build up a small reserve?  When you approach these savings with the same creativity, dropping the judgement, it can be surprising how much progress you can make!

2.  Keep focusing on the inspired action.  Over time, the feeling of inspiration might fade, fears might come so you feel a draw in a different direction.  But you know whatever feelings you have, this is the action you need to take.  It might be with baby steps but take the action, whatever mood you are in!

Rather than thinking about building up Reserves as an insurance activity in case of a rainy day, take action to create wiggle room, clear space in your life so you can do your unique exuberant dance, fully and expressively.  

I'd love to hear your views and comments in the space below...

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