Why Go Self Employed?

Why Go Self Employed?

Do you recognise any of these reasons?

  1. I hate my boss.

  2. My job is too stressful and my working hours are too long.

  3. I spend too much time commuting/ being away from home.

  4. I no longer have any job security.

  5. I hate everything about my employment!

Getting away from employment you dislike is often the impetus for considering Self Employment.  Firmly positioning yourself in the driving seat of your life by being your own boss offers you considerably more freedom, but you also need to know where you’re driving to!

How about….

6. To be rich beyond my wildest dreams
7. To never have to worry about job security
8. To be famous and have millions of followers
9. To make my family proud

Whilst these look like directions to head in, they need further investigation.  They are usually coming from a position of lack and the mistaken belief that those feelings of need can be resolved by an external situation.

When we look for possessions, status or security just to allay our fears we are likely to be caught in a trap, like a donkey chasing a carrot.  As we accumulate money, our dreams get bigger and we can never get enough, our work can never be absolutely secure and even having millions of followers is unlikely to satisfy our need for approval, love and connection.

These reasons are highlighting thought patterns we need to look at more deeply.  Once we uncover our real desires, we can see where true satisfaction may come from.

10.  To express my unique ideas, approach and solutions in the world.  
11.   To create a lifestyle where I can do ..... and have ...... by being ......
12.  To contribute to my community and serve a particular group of people with a specific problem

“Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive“  
Howard Thurman

When we do our thing, we express our uniqueness, our particular mix of passions, skills and experience we are both giving ourselves the best opportunity for happiness and success and making our greatest contribution to our communities and the world at large.  Our thriving helps others thrive in ways we can never fully know.

Creating our desired lifestyle might look similar numbers 6 and 7 but this is also an expression of us at our best.  This is not just some lifestyle we saw on TV that looked like it would make our friends jealous, this is us doing our thing in our business and our life.  Fully doing, having and being all we can be.

When we have this inspiration, Self Employment is the only thing we can do, the next step to take, the obvious choice.

We may still not know how and we may have some fearful thinking when we look into the future but it is these 3 motivations which will sustain us on our Self Employment journey.

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