Warning!  Vision Boards Hijacked

Warning! Vision Boards Hijacked

Remember the innocent days of tearing pictures you liked out of magazines, drawing things to get them out of your head and onto paper, doodling and decorating words you found cool?

Perhaps you also put something out ‘where you can see it’ so you didn’t forget?

As children, we innately knew that seeing something reminded us of both the thing and our feelings about it.

When I first came across personal development goal setting seemed a bit dry, but creating a vision board was something I could really get into.  Putting pictures that related to the life I wanted to live on a large board, with a photo of me in the middle...

  • Enabled me to get clear on what I did and didn’t want

  • Was a fun activity that I felt good about about and had positive associations with

  • Gave me the general direction I wanted to move in without getting me too attached to individual details

  • Allowed my subconscious to associate those things I wanted with myself

  • Acted as in inspiring reminder whenever I looked at the board

  • Provided a decision making shortcut, without much analysis I could say if the opportunity fitted with the board, or not.

I like creating Vision boards and I would recommend those developing plans for their Self Employment to create one too.  And to give it a prominent place in their work space or take a photo of it to carry with you.

Whether or not you have a preference for visual learning, your eyes are taking in information.  You probably have inspirational quotes or family photos, why not display a visual representation of your business direction to remind you?

However whilst searching for some tips and cool examples recently, I realised the concept of creating vision boards has been hijacked by those who believe they can be used to manipulate the universe into delivering just what you want when ever you want it.

I was living in Thailand when The Secret came out and there was quite a buzz when it was translated into Thai.  I studied it and other Law of Attraction teachings, experimented with it and brought some of the concepts into my coaching.

But along with the popularity came superstitions like...

  • The more you listened to the recording of the Secret, or watched the video, the greater your powers of attraction would become

  • Being attractive was about being passive and not taking action

  • You had to diligently avoid negative feelings, negative situations and negative people otherwise you might ‘attract’ some horrible event into your life.

I find these particularly unhelpful.

Over time I am reminded again and again that we are not in control.  Who knows what forces are at play when we create our lives in the world.  Bad things happen indiscriminately.  Things that seem bad, turn out well.  What we thought we wanted isn’t always the best for us.  We are not in a solo dance, we are in a partnership with God/the Universe leading on a dance floor filled with other movers.

When we take on the law of attraction we have a whole lot of feel good actions to complete regularly that leave us less time for the inspired action that will move us forward.  The responsibility weighs heavily on us when we have a low mood or are not attracting what we want and there is a tendency to judge ourselves harshly and push away our natural feelings.  We are then not being our authentic selves.  We know that inauthenticity actually makes us less attractive to others we meet.

So I create vision boards for the reasons above. Not because they have magical properties or give us special powers. We all have so much on our plates already, I just can’t see that controlling the Universe is part of our job description. However planning and creating our business definitely is.

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