Super Coaching

Super Coaching

I’ve been enjoying reading Michael Neill’s Super Coach book.  It’s been recapping, summarising and reinforcing all I’ve been learning about the inside out approach to life taught by Sydney Banks.

In the introduction, Michael describes the difference between coaching in the horizontal dimension - assisting a client to get from point A to point B and the vertical dimension, deepening their understanding of themselves and life so they have greater access to inspiration and inner wisdom.

Most people think of coaches working at the horizontal level, helping clients address a particular situation or achieve a change.  They know we help clients get clear on what they really want, facilitate planning and hold them accountable to taking agreed actions.

This is of course part of the service I offer when helping clients create their Self Employed lives.

However, its pretty unheard of for clients to simply work through their plan and come to each session reporting all the actions they have successfully ticked-off as agreed.  (And in case you’re wondering, this wouldn’t be my perfect client!).

Although it’s good to know someone is always in your corner ready to celebrate success, generally if the change was that straight forward, the potential client would have just got on with it themselves!

Significant changes are rarely straight forward because of the way life works and the part our psychology plays.

Despite the popular image my role isn’t to judge someone who has done something human, like put off something they’re afraid of, neither is it to bully them so they are more afraid of me than the action!

You’ve probably heard the Woody Allen quote “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.”

We make plans so we can map out the best sequence of action and do some preparation for the next phase.  As I’ve written about previously, this can give us the illusion that we are in control but it is just an illusion. Our job is not to control our world, it is to find a way through, hopefully a fun way through to arrive somewhere we want to be.

Over our life time we will have learnt some things that are helpful for challenging situations and some that aren’t.  We have also picked up ways of behaving that make us feel more in control.  We may not even be aware that some of the learning we usually apply to situations we face no longer serves us.

‘If we keep doing what we're doing, we're going to keep getting what we're getting.’ -Stephen Covey

So the majority of my coaching conversations involve enabling clients to see different perspectives, become aware of the thinking that’s holding them back, to access fresh information and to tap into their creativity and resourcefulness.

This learning is applied to specific situations but it soon becomes part of the clients repertoire.  You could call it their personal growth or development.

This means that they are able to progress when they might have otherwise found a reason to quit, they learn different approaches and discover new things about themselves.  And, in time, it means they do what they have set out to and this opens them to a new level of being.

Michael Neill’s focus is on transformation ‘a pervasive shift in our understanding and way of being in the world’.  It is the theme of his ‘Super Coaching’.  My clients rarely speak about this as being the aim they have in mind, and it isn’t our direct focus.  But it is what’s on offer, as a natural consequence of the learning and insights we gain when moving from A to B.

What we do not only impacts what we have in our lives, but we are able to bring more of our true selves to the world.

And that inspires me.  Not only the transformation of my clients but also the way these positive vibes ripple out to their families friends and communities.

What inspires you?  What change would make a difference in your life?  Are you open to the possibility of transformation?  

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