Where's your Passion?

You might have seen some of my social media postings or heard me talk about 'personal passions'.  Often the first thing I work on with clients is what’s important to them and what they feel strongly about.  Once we know this we can define the job, opportunity, relationship or location that best fits them.  We can use their personal passions to develop more detailed criteria for making decisions and take an overview to get ideas about the individual’s life purpose.

The word ‘value’ is often used to describe the things in your life you give priority to.  I believe this doesn’t go far enough.  A value is often one word such as ‘family’ but it doesn’t tell me what it is about ‘family’ that’s meaningful to you and it may be your family are important because they are very demanding!

I prefer the term passion because it suggests not only that the thing is important but that you have a strong feeling about it.  When you talk about it, you get excited!  At this point you might be thinking about something external you feel passionate about- perhaps a charity or political cause.  To get to the passions that are useful in the life coaching/personal development process, we need to look inside.  What is it about that external situation that draws your attention?  Do you feel strongly about equality, fairness, facilitating change?  What drives you to volunteer, give your commitment, feel this way?

I have some questions to tease out these passions.  (It can be a little difficult to do alone as some old patterns or fear may get in the way of you seeing clearly.)  We then work together to organise the ideas and I usually ask them to put the passions into their own words, perhaps even into pictures.  (There are usually 6-8 key ones.)  We then test them by ‘trying them on’.  By this I mean applying them to the client’s life.  Times when they feel motivated, inspired and elated should correspond to times when they were/are in tune with their internal passions.  When there was/is no opportunity to experience their passions or they had to suppress their passion to comply with some external standard, they feel like they’re not themselves.  When we get the right ones the client immediately feels an affinity to them.  Personal Passions are what you love about being you, your essence.

People sometimes ask about passions changing over time.  I believe your internal passions can become more developed or refined but they remain recognisable.  You might choose to express them in different ways depending on your circumstances and the opportunities available.

The more you are able to live in tune with your personal passions the more you can be your authentic self.  I’ve yet to meet someone whose talents are not complementary to their passions so when your passions are at the core of your work, you maximise your chances for success as well as those for having fun!  And all that positive energy rubs off on other people attracting them to you and enabling you to make your unique contribution to the world.

To help more people discover their personal passions and create their lives on purpose, I am offering a 4-week programme with web based classes, worksheets and email coaching.  Details at www.deborahreeds.com/calendar/personalpassions 

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