Now Verses Future

Now Verses Future


Whilst we know that life can only be lived in the present, moment by moment, we also understand each of those moments is an investment in our future- some things take many moments of action and focus before they take shape.  So how do we navigate gracefully between today and tomorrow?  Here are some suggestions...

1.  Drop the Expectations

Expecting all of life's experiences to be wonderful is a set up!  Real life isn't like this.  Human beings aren't perfect and all of nature has cycles. Good and bad things happen to all sorts of people and arguing with reality doesn’t help us.

2.  Experience it all

If you are feeling bad in this moment, that is your human experience right now.  Left alone the feeling will pass.  Putting your energy into trying to deny or hide your feelings covering them with a smile or trying to be positive keeps them in place.  As does creating a story which enhances the drama and helps lock in place your feeling of being a victim.

3.  Recognise Your future fantasies

Whether you are visualising your wonderful future life or worrying how problems might appear, we need to remember those imaginings are our stories.  Getting attached to our fantasies sets up those expectations and keeps us from being fully present. 

We have no way of knowing the future.  Even those who give readings do not give 100% guarantees.  We can try to make predictions based on past experiences but that doesn't take into account who we'll be in the future- our learning and evolution- and the contribution those around us will make at that time.

4.  Orientate around your passions

Know the things that you feel good doing and, whenever you can, make time to do them regularly.  Engage as fully as you can with as many of your different passions as you can as often as possible for you.

If you are doing something you are not enjoying, see how you can engage your passions to make it more fulfilling.  How can you bring more of what makes you uniquely you into what you are doing?

In this way you can get the most enjoyment from life now rather than postponing your happiness until you feel circumstances are right for you.

5.  Focus on our inner knowing

It is often said that our feelings help us make great choices.  So love based, warm expansive feelings signal a good option but fear based contracted painful feelings indicate a poor choice.

The problem is that those feelings are telling us about our 'predictive thinking'.  If our story about that option is a positive one, we will feel good.  If the story is negative, we feel bad.  

Better is to focus on a deeper sense of inner wisdom.  The sense of knowing that’s apparent when the chatter of our minds calms down.  This knowing guides us in the present so, when the time is right, we know what to do.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comment box below...

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