Facebook- Ads or Virals?

Facebook- Ads or Virals?

Everyone says Facebook ads are wonderful.  We can target our audience so specifically for a fraction of the cost of any other advertising.  There’s an abundance of information about how to do this for the best results.

But, with the maturity of Facebook advertising and big players now using this method, costs are rising.  Investing in the set-up to lead your prospective buyer from Facebook to learning about you and then eventually to buying requires significant time and money.  And the ongoing costs can take quite a chunk of your revenue.

What’s the alternative?

How about reaching new people when your posts go viral?

Your Facebook page is so in tune with your target audience that they can’t wait to interact with you and your other followers.  They want to share your messages with their friends.

This is old fashioned word-of-mouth but in the world of social media, each advocate tells many and you then can invite them to like your page and interact with you directly.

When you then make them an offer, you already know they are going to love your product or service.  You already have a relationship with them based on a mutual interest.

You can see how, even if your posts are only shared a few times, it’s possible to grow your connections with potential customers organically.

You might also do some advertising to help the process along but it will be much cheaper because of your understanding of your audience and their engagement with your page and posts.

Doesn’t this viral approach take a lot of work?

There is work to do in defining your audience and setting up your page so it works well to attract your people.  I would argue this is good for your business generally and less of an investment than setting up a funnel process.  Pages that have been set up to focus on promotion generally don’t fit this process.

Consistent and strategic posting is also important.  There are some shortcuts to this and posts can be scheduled in advance but it is good to set aside some time most days so you can interact with your followers.

Having a closer relationship with your people means you can better serve them and, especially in the early days of finding your way with your business, this ability to research and test as you go can be invaluable.

The Smarter Social Media Programme is for those with up to 1000 Facebook followers to get started with this approach.  We apply the techniques to Facebook but you can extend them to whatever social media you are using.  Click here for all the details.

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