Abundance is the New Love

Abundance is the New Love

Recently I've received details of a couple of films about abundance.  Along the lines of The Secret, they interview authors and 'gurus' about their teachings and what it takes to have an abundant life. (Search for 'abundance factor move', also http://theabundancecode.com/launch-screening - both are currently free)

Despite the marketing, there really isn't anything new in spiritual/ personal development.  The concepts we teach have been reflected on by philosophers, formed into religious practices, observed in nature and experienced by meditators and wise people around the world since records began.  However, the ways in which we teach reach out to different people and different times.   Perhaps abundance is particularly desirable to us in these times of austerity?  It feels less hippy, new agey and more practical.  Addressing criticisms many had of The Secret, these films have a definite focus on action, not just having great intentions and then sit back and wait for the magic to happen.

The definition of abundance used here is quite a wide one.  Not necessarily the kind of kind of financial success society recognises, it's a spiritual concept as well as a material one...

Abundance=                                    Lack=
Plenty                                               Scarcity
Collaboration                                   Competition
Creativity                                         Survival
Generosity                                        Greed
Contributing                                    Hoarding
Ease                                                 Struggle
In relationship                                  Alone
Accepting imperfection                  Broken
Love                                                 Fear

So the left hand column is the thinking, feeling and behaviour that leads to abundance and the right hand column is the thinking, feeling and behaviour that will lead you away from that you desire.  You don't have to believe in anything mystic to realise that thoughts focused on the right hand column make you feel sad and angry and are likely to lead to interactions with people that are less inspiring.  We want to give our attention, time and business to people who we feel are genuinely coming from the left hand column.

The classic 'Love is Letting go of Fear' by Gerald Jampolsky has similar ideas and more practical suggestions, in essence though it's about doing all you can to be in love rather than fear.  By all means explore your fears, feel them, listen to their concerns, address and move through them, but don't let them run your show, focus on love.

The films have a number of tips for bringing more abundance/love into your life....

1.      Give awareness to your problems, name them

2.      Avoid distractions and addictions that numb you and keep you from addressing your problems.  You do not need to buy stuff to fix anything about you.

3.      Genuinely enquire into what you really want.  Stop telling your story and listen to your true voice.

4.      Look out for clues - people and learning that might be helpful to you getting what you desire.  Look deeply for possibilities.

5.      Review 'is this working for me?'  Recognise we all get into the 'right hand column thinking' tell yourself 'I got caught up in that' and let it go.

6.      Ask yourself 'what do I have to do to feel abundant right now?'

7.      Practice gratitude, appreciation and acceptance

8.      Choose to feel abundant right now

The teachers also share the advice they would give to their younger selves....

Lighten up
Remember it's the journey that counts
Go for everything you want
Have faith
It's about living in service to others not just yourself
You are good enough, you can do this
It all works out
Be yourself, have fun
Figure out your ideal day and turn it into reality
Everything that happens in life makes us who you are
You can't do this wrong- stop freaking out
Love yourself
Success isn't outside yourself
Let it go
You can make a difference

Rather than waiting for all we desire, everything to be right and in place, before we feel happy, abundant and 'in love', we can choose to have those feelings first.  We get to feel better sooner and others we are in contact with benefit and generally respond more positively to us.  This leads us to make connections and take inspired actions.   For me this is a healthier way of approaching the Law of Attraction.  Not sitting back and waiting for life to life to whisk you into the dance floor but starting to boogie and inviting life to join in.

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